Advances in chemotherapy tolerance for patients

Prof. Gerald Mickisch, from Bremen Center of Operative Urology, Bremen, Germany, discusses advances in chemotherapy tolerance. The major advantage we had the last couple of years is that it has become much better tolerated by patients, along with better supportive care, and dosage regimens, so there is a real chance that a patient is profiting if they are receiving modern chemotherapy. When it comes to Immunotherapy, is a little more complex, however in general, they are better tolerated than chemotherapy. Prof. Mickisch asks the question: “how can we make these new drugs more effective?” There are ongoing trials, so for the time being, the patient has to be enrolled into a clinical trial, but there is a lot of hope that they provide a benefit for the future. Recorded at the European Association of Urology (EAU) conference 2017 in London, UK.

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